Sunday, 14 January 2018

sunday slouch.

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one thing i'm a big fan of is dressing for the weekend, i suppose to many people thats dressing up. not for ol' liv newman, it means jumpers, large cardigans, all the statement tees please and a thank you. 
this little (large sleeved) number is great as its punch red (allot punchier in real life FYI) that makes it look like you put a bit more effort into your look other than 'does this kind of feel similar level of warmth to my duvet?' i'm a big believer of chucking can add to my illusion of being a put together human (who am i kidding though...)
so here's an ode to weekends, may they be lazy, adventure filled or just giving your flat a much needed clean in your pj's (i've been there pals)
photographs by jay khatri and myself
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Saturday, 6 January 2018

by the sea.

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happy new year!
i just wanted to share some pictures from my favourite place, you've already heard me bang on about my love for norfolk so you can read about it here and here if you fancy.
we only had 24 hours there and a good 12 of them where torrential rain (we were going to relive our seal adventure from last year but we would have got washed away!)
instead we went t our favourite coffee shop black apollo (i recommend a visit if you're ever in holt) and i worked on my pretty terrible skills in bananagrams!

photographs by jay khatri and myself
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Saturday, 23 December 2017

sparkle and bright.

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some would say i'm a magpie, anything shiny (normally gold) i'm there for it. 
layered necklaces and hoops are my current jam and i'm always on the hunt to add to my ring collection. topshop and accessorize have been my faves recently for picking up little additions to my collections, i'm pretty keen to add some missoma pieces soon as i've had my eye on them for a wee while now.

i've managed to sneak in a little look at my new bedroom (we've lived her 3 months but you know...) you would be correct in thinking that i am sitting on a wash basket with a fluffy blanket on top, because i'm an adult but not a proper one...

photographs by jay khatri 
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Sunday, 10 December 2017

from edinburgh with love.

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this post is mainly a photographic dedication to edinburgh and how bloody beautiful it is. 
on a slightly whirlwind trip for 72 hours i managed to walk many a mile (with two hung over twenty year olds on one of the days) 
i will say the wind there is something else, i had to make an emergency cashmere jumper and hat purchase (second hand and under £30 for the two!) i recommend a trip to one the armstrong's vintage shops for great reasonably priced vintage (i have spent too long in brick lane clearly) 
another recommendation for a walk around is dean village, it basically makes you feel like you are in hazza p which is all i could ever ask for really
basically, edinburgh i love you but wish that you were a few degrees warmer (maybe i've lived in warm london too long?)
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Sunday, 3 December 2017

blue velvet.

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please let me take a second to introduce you to my new favourite shoes, is there anything more dreamy the a pair of velvet heeled boots (you're probably thinking yes and its very likely your life is v much more exciting than mine) i snapped up these bad boys at biecster village (v worth a visit) in the clarks shop for under £30, so they kind of feel like a sensible purchase... 
but they are now my shoe of choice and surprisingly go with a large amount of my wardrobe, it is worthing noting my wardrobe is predominately blue though
one thing i have been embracing this winter is a lower dernier tight (bringing you such exciting chat this post i know!) i have through and through been a 100 or more kinda gal but this winter i've thrown caution to the wind (and embraced the wind) and tried very hard to not ladder them as soon as i leave the house.
photographs by jay khatri 
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Sunday, 19 November 2017

into the gloss.


like everyone with an equal love millennial pink and skin care/make up i was poised and ready to make a glossier order when it was announced that UK shipping 
having read many a review i decided on the phase 1 and phase 2 sets to give myself an all round experience of their products that included a few cult favourites like the balm dotcom, milky jelly cleanser and boy brow (to name a few) overall i would say all the products are for low key ladies (oh hai) and the brand really aims to embrace the natural look which is right up my street. 

if you want to join the gang you can get 10% off using this link, plus they have free shipping over £25 which is easily done on the site...  

glossier 2

a similar idea to the elizabeth arden 8 hour cream, this 'universal salve' can be used on dry cuticles to if you've got a cold that gives your nose that delightful dry red texture its pretty neat for soothing that area. it comes in a variety of favours/scents but being a creature of habit i chose coconut. this guys has fast become a handbag staple for me and i would says its worth the £10 price tag.

it took me a little while to get on with the cleanser, i really wanted to love it from the get go but i think i had to find the right way to incorporate it into my routine. i found that once i had taken my make up off using a more exfoliative face wash first and then used this guy to work my skin rather than get everything off i came to get on with it much better. as a regular double cleanser i now use it everyday and get the hype. one that you many need to play round with to fall in love with it.

out of the whole set this is the product i have used the least, i wasn't blown away by it and from reading the reviews on the website i've seen that quite a few people agree. as the tube is only 50ml its quite good for travelling but i don't think i would order it again as there are better products for a smaller price tag. 


now my brows are minimal effort kinda brows, they do get a shampoo and condition and sometimes a bit of oil now and then but the most tlc they have is a little brush in the morning (espesh if i've slept with my face in my pillow, think the gruffalo vibezzz) if it is particularly windy ect they can go a little crazy hence my interest in this nifty little product. i went to for clear because it many be impossible for me to have darker brows, however pals of mine who use the tinted say it is fab for an even build of cover. it keeps my brows in place without making them feel sticky or crunchy which is all i could ever ask for really.

i am loyal collection lasting perfection concealer which could be described as the OG of the concealer world. i would say that although i like this concealer it does not come close to the collection one, i'm not sure if its because its in a pot that i don't really enjoy using it that way? i feel like it doesn't cover my redness as much as i would like, however i do like the formula once its on the skin, so i reach for it once and a while rather than an everyday kinda love.

the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about this lipstick is it reminds me of a crayola crayon, its mainly that waxy smell that takes me back to my childhood. it is v v sheer, i like to combine a couple layers of it it with my charlotte tilbury pillow talk to give my lips a more natural/nude colour with a slight hint of pink. i've got zip in my dights to try next as a keen red lip wearer, its deffs a lipstick for the low key kinda lady.  

glossier 3

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